Florida's First Call

One by one, the iconic DeBerardinis Heavy Haul Macks have started to roll in.

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Marinello's Mega Mack

As seen in Macungie, PA, George Marinello's Mega Mack is now available to take home in 1:50 scale.

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The ultimate rig is just the beginning

Start your Heavy Haul Replicas collection with the flagship rig from Florida's First Call. The first release in the DeBerardinis fleet is the massive Mack RD800.

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The Titan of Sid Kamp Trucking

Moving forward...Sid Kamp's Tri-Axle Mack Titan is scheduled to arrive in 2024.

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Titan Up

DeBerardinis Heavy Haul Tri-axle Titan is in development. Look for it in 2024!

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