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From DeBerardinis Heavy Haul to Collections like Manchester Bros, Tackaberry and Damigella, these 1:50 scale Mack Superliners are known far and wide. Alcoa rims, lots of chrome and striking paint jobs make each replica a must-have for serious Mack collectors.

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Welcome Back to the Heavy Haul Hobby

Arguably the biggest announcement in US heavy haul in 15 years, the Mack Superliners have arrived! 1:50 scale, intricately detailed, authentically configured and fully functional.

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Heavy Spec. Big Rubber. Bulldog Power.

You know it's heavy spec when you see 12/24 rubber, dual stacks, headache racks, pit fenders and an aggressive stance. Put a 1:50 scale Mack Superliner on your top shelf!

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The Titan of Sid Kamp Trucking

Moving forward...Sid Kamp's Tri-Axle Mack Titan is scheduled to arrive in 2024.

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Titan Up

DeBerardinis Heavy Haul Tri-axle Titan is in development. Look for it in 2024!

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